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Relevance of the project

In the program area, special attention should be paid to the valorization of cultural and natural heritage, namely through the development and introduction of innovative products and services for recognizable tourist destinations. The potential offered by the rich cultural heritage can be used in that manner for economic, social and sustainable development. By promoting cross-border development and establishing appropriate cooperation, we will make a more decisive contribution to activating the potential of an extremely diverse regional cultural heritage.

The aim of the project is the joint development of a technically sophisticated product (hybrid e-carriage), which on the other hand lays the foundations for a range of new cross-border tourist products (as part of the services it offers longer rides with hybrid e-carriages). Local cultural heritage, such as e.g. castles, mansions and natural parks are thus enriched with tourist activities, and at the same time, geographically larger areas are supported by additional cultural heritage sites and intertwined with the regional gastronomic offer. We can therefore justifiably expect an increase in value in the field of cultural heritage as well as tourism in the local, regional and cross-border areas.

This can only be achieved by exploiting the existing potential on both sides of the border with the participation of all relevant stakeholders. By building a cross-border organizational structure, the project enables the development of new tourist products and services as well as sustainable cooperation. The project will also establish active cooperation with providers of tourism and other services, which will be crucial in the joint development of new concepts and their sustainable implementation. Within the framework of the envisaged project, local specialties will also be taken into account. This will consequently contribute to the visibility of the entire region and all project partners. 

The stated goal of the project is the development of an innovative and high-quality cross-border offer and its technical, organizational and practical implementation. Based on the cross-border tradition of equestrianism, the project will develop a hybrid E-carriage and, consequently, an appropriate tourist offer in the program area.
With the participation of all partners, a joint plan for the technical components of the hybrid carriage is being developed, as well as a business plan for the sustainable realization of the plan in the field of tourism. The foundations for developed tourist destinations consist of cultural and historical sources, a thematic analysis of the current situation, the development of new offers in the field of coaching and the produced material, which will address specific target groups.